The Vanity Project

Pearly Wipes Party Pack


Description: 50 individually packaged teeth protecting Pearly Wipes, perfect for party favors!

Alleviate everyday damages from coffee and tea stains, bad breath, and other mouth maladies. Pearly Wipes have been created to protect your teeth and freshen your mouth with its peppermint flavor. Use Pearly Wipes after any offending beverage as well as a minty treat after a meal when no toothbrush is in sight.

Active Ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, glycerin, calcium, potassium, peppermint
Uses: Coffee, tea, cigarettes, cigars, strong smelling foods, overnight flights, morning afters, unexpected sleep overs
Additional Information: Pearly Wipes have been featured on The Doctors and The Rachael Ray Show.