The Vanity Project

Biddettes, Feminine Wipes


Get clean where it counts- formulated to make you feel your best, these all-natural, hypoallergenic feminine hygiene wipes get you freshened up fast, when you might not have access to a shower (or bidet!)

Pocket-sized and discreet, yet stylish enough to share with a friend, Biddettes are gentle yet powerful with naturally-astringent Witch Hazel to cleanse and help restore pH balance, calming Chamomile, Cucumber and anti-inflammatory Vitamin E to sooth and antimicrobial Aloe Vera. 


Gently wipe your intimate areas as desired. Flush or discard.
Flushable & Biodegradable
Origin: Made in California
Warnings: For External use only. For adult use only.

Additional Information:
  • Lightly scented with geranium and sandalwood to help you feel clean and fresh throughout the day
  • Perfect for use during your period, after activity or anytime you want to freshen up
  • Hypo-allergenic, pH balanced, Paraben free, Flushable, Biodegradable
  • Created in our FDA, EPA, and CDC approved laboratories