What are Wine Wipes?

Wine Wipes are the essential wine accessory for wine drinkers. Don't allow your teeth get stained with the common "wine teeth" ordeal that the average wine drinker knows all too well. Use wine wipes to rid your teeth fromred wine stains!

Remove Red Wine Stains from your teeth with a single wipe.

Whether you call it tannin’ teeth, Malbec mouth, or the red badge of courage, the stain red wine leaves on your teeth and mouth is eminently unattractive. With just one swipe, you can wipe that wine off your smile. Wine Wipes’ orange blossom flavor ensures each wipe won’t ruin your next sip, so go ahead, wipe that wine off your smile!
Learn how Wine Wipes work, and keep your teeth clean and ready to go for more!

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Remove coffee stains from teeth & Whiten Teeth on-the-go!

What Are Pearly Wipes?

Pearly Wipes are perfect for on the go use, to help lessen everyday damages from coffee and tea stains, bad breath, and other common mouth maladies. Alleviate everyday teeth damages from:

• coffee stains 
• tea stains
• bad breath
• cigarettes 
• morning afters

Pearly Wipes have been created to protect your teeth and freshen your mouth with its peppermint flavor.

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