What are Wipe Wipes?

Wine Wipes remove the unattractive dark film red wine leaves on teeth and mouth with a proprietary blend of stain removing and teeth protecting ingredients without interfering with wine tasting.

What is the difference between Wine Wipes and Pearly Wipes?

Both products are made with all-natural ingredients, including Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide, Salt, Glycerin, and Glycerin. The only difference is the flavor—Wine Wipes has an orange blossom flavor and Pearly Wipes has peppermint flavor.

Why do Wine Wipes taste salty?

Salt is a natural cleanser and helps to neutralize the palate. Wine Wipes were developed with a sommelier to ensure the flavoring did not interfere with wine tasting.

Why do some people get red wine stain on their teeth, mouth, and, and tongue?

There are many theories surrounding this puzzling phenomenon. Most dental and drinking professionals do conclude that the red wine stain is left by the tannins in red wine.

Can I use Pearly Wipes for red wine stains on teeth?

Yes, but you will want to use the wipes after you are done drinking wine, because the peppermint flavor will ruin your palate. With Wine Wipes, you can continue to drink wine because the orange blossom flavor will not ruin your palate.

Will Wine Wipes or Pearly Wipes hurt my teeth?

Wine Wipes are the all-natural equivalent of cleaning your teeth. If you are concerned or experience any sort of sensitivity during usage please contact your dental professional.

Where can I make a purchase?

Wine Wipes, Pearly Wipes, and Biddettes are sold in wine retail shops, tasting rooms, and boutique stores across the country, which can be found on our retailer’s page. You can also purchase them here, on our online storefront.