Cutting-Edge Facial Treatments for 2019

Whether you’re prepping for awards season or simply resolving to up your facial game in 2019, these cutting-edge facial treatments are a knife free alternative to younger looking skin. 


Joomee Song, Faceworks LA

Known for Kaika, her signature style of facial massage that uses Shiatsu and acupressure to lift and tone the skin, Joomee Songcombines elements of Eastern and Western skin care, the latest technology and classic teqniques to radically improve the skin.  Every treatment is tailored to each client's needs.   The results are nothing short of jaw-dropping. "By stretching the muscles and fascia in the face, neck, and jaw we can stimulate circulation and blood flow, drain excess water and create definition," says Joomi. "A series of treatments can completely change the shape of the face, bring out the cheekbones and get rid of a double chin."

Faceworks, Santa Monica (323) 404-0547


GoodSkin, LA

GoodSkin specializes in cutting-edge anti-aging treatments for the "untouched" look. “What you’ve been sold about Botox and Juvéderm and Restylane is all wrong,” Lisa Goodman, founder of GoodSkinsays. “There are published medical studies showing that Botox can slow oil production and help in the treatment of rosacea. And the filler will instantly improve the skin's hydration and lessen the appearance of fine lines.” As you age, you begin to lose volume and bone mass. GoodSkin believes fillers are best used to preserve and occasionally correct your facial bone structure. 

GoodSkin, Brentwood (310) 400-6354


Shamanic Facials, LA

Julie Civiello Polier is a Reiki Master, holistic and nurturing esthetician, spiritual counselor, seasoned storyteller, and intuitive reader.  Her Shamanic Facials are an energetic and Reiki healing, a meditative journey, an intuitive reading, and an opportunity to restore your skin to clear, radiant, and glowing.  Sign me up!  She also uses microcurrent electrotherapy to strengthens, tone, and lift the tissue and muscles at a cellular level.  Each session is tailored to the needs of the client.  Sessions end with a prayer or blessing to lock in the healing. 

Julie Civiello Polier, Venice (310) 779-5889


Face Gym, NYC & London

Its not a facial. It’s a workout.  Face Gym uses high energy kneading movements and cutting edge technology to tone and tighten the forgotten 40 muscles in the face.  GlamourMagazine says “Its like a mini, temporary face lift.”  Sessions at Face Gymrange from 30 to 75 minutes and are designed to release tension, improve circulation, and lift the face.  The face workout consists of a warmup, cardio, sculpt, and cool-down.According to Fast Company, FaceGym is most popular among women in their 30s and 40s looking for an alternative to Botox and fillers, or for a treatment that will serve them between such injectables. 

Face Gym, NYC  212-605-9926


Tracie Martyn, NYC

Tracie Martyn is the skin whisperer whom actors and actresses, music icons, members of royal families, and supermodels entrust their faces. The legendary aesthetician uses her tried and true firming, sculpting therapies, alongside cutting-edge technologies. Her signature treatment includes microcurrent, microdermabrasion, a peptide-enriched oxygen treatment, and an infusion of barrier-restoring nutrients from Martyn’s own incredibly pure skin-care line.  If you can’t swing a trip to the City, she has a line of skin care products and at home facials available online.

Tracie Martyn, NYC 212.206.9333