How to turn up your wine game in 2020

Still searching for a New Year’s resolution for 2020? Might I suggest to simply turn up your wine game. Who says drinking wine can’t be even more fun than it is now?



Magnums are for pussy cats. When the brunch table needs a little sparkle, always reach for the Jeroboam, and if you really want to make a day of it, a la Nikki Beach, look for the Nebuchadnezzar.

Check out this bottle breakdown on Wine Folly. Madeline Puckette explains the size and origin of every bottle from the tiny Piccolo to the grandmaster Solomon.

 Nikki Beach Nebuchadnezzar

Jump Starts

Who says when drinking wine, we must only drink from a glass? Have you tried a ‘JumpStart’? JumpStarts are essentially the wine version of a tequila shot in Tijuana.

Stop being so judgey and give it a whirl ;)

JumpStart St. Barts


How to JumpStart

  • Hoist a large opened bottle of wine over your shoulder. *Preferably a magnum +
  • Instruct your friend to lean back and open their mouth
  • Gently-ish lean into the person, pouring wine into their mouth until it overflows


Canned Wine

Just when I thought I would never enjoy canned wine, Scribe releases Una Lou Rose of Pinot Noir in a can.  Not only is it the coolest looking rose in a can, it also tastes f*cking great. Canned wine is easy to travel with and will keep cool longer with your favorite coozie. All in all, the ideal solution to drinking on the go.

Scribe rose in Marfa Texas

No More Wine Teeth

Can 2020 be the year people stop embracing their purple teeth? Please. Red stained teeth make you look dirty & drunk. Instead just use a Wine Wipe to quickly remove red wine residue. It doesn’t ruin your palate so you can continue to drink the night away, without looking like you have been.

 Wine Wipes compact


Please drink responsibly.