Ingredients are Everything- Wine Wipes

Ingredients are everything. We want to make sure that products are both effective and not harmful. So here’s a breakdown of the active ingredients in Wine Wipes and why they’re so effective in removing red wine stains from your teeth: Baking Soda- effectively remove surface stains and neutralize acid that can corrode enamel Hydrogen peroxide- gently whiten the teeth and kill bacteria Glycerin- prevent further staining by invisibly coating the teeth Salt- a natural cleanser and antiseptic Calcium- strengthen the teeth and rebuild damaged enamel Orange Blossom- naturally found in red wine, doesn’t interfere with tasting Wine Wipes are flushable, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and non toxic.  All of our products are created in an FDA, CDA and EPA licensed facility. Look Good. Drink Well. Be Healthy.