Perfect Your Pucker

We take mouth maintenance very seriously here at The Vanity Projects. Nothing beats a sparkling smile! Here are the tools you'll need to keep your kisser looking top-notch:

Quip, the battery-powered, travel-friendly, and chic electric toothbrush. For $35 this is an affordable alternative to the bulkier Sonicare versions and really packs a punch for those interested in ditching their manual brush.

Cocofloss, our new floss obsession! The turquoise threads let you really see how much plaque you're removing (gross!) and with fun flavors like Cara Cara Orange, Fresh Coconuts, and Strawberries, you'll find yourself tempted to floss more than ever!

We really are suckers for anything Aesop, so when we heard they were making a toothpaste, we jumped for joy! This fluoride-free paste has cardamom, sea buckthorn, and wasabi japonica so it invigorates the gums and mouth and produces super fresh herbal breath.

Not to play favorites but...there is really no substitute for Wine Wipes! They are the perfect antidote to wine-stained teeth and will also refresh your breath and gently clean your teeth between brushings. So even if you haven't had a heavy red wine, try Wine Wipes post-lemonade or soda!

Throw it all in this adorable Liberty London makeup bag and you'll have everything you need to keep your smile free from cavities and sparkling white. Cheers!