Stay Safe AF (as F*ck) when leaving the house, with our new Box of Essentials: Stay Safe

We’re all adjusting to this new COVID world. We’re spending countless hours on zoom, hangouts and Facetime. We’re scratch cooking our favorite comfort foods on the daily. Netflix streaming is up 300%, as is Amazon shopping. How many times can we re-watch Narcos?

At some point, we have to venture out into a public space. CDC recommends we take certain precautions in addition to social distancing, that we should all be taking very seriously.  With that in mind, we put together a ‘Stay Safe’ essentials box with all the necessities for staying safe AF during these COVID times.

Stay Safe Box
Stay Safe: Box of Essentials $50 + free shipping
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(1) Clean Freak Sanitizing Mist
Made with 65% alcohol along with aloe, witch hazel, orange and botanicals.
(1) Bandit Bandana
Stylish face mask alternative

(20) Sets of Nitrile Gloves
Correct Touch gloves provide armor for your hands
(1) 10 pack of individually packaged Biddettes
A step-up from toilet paper
Stay Safe. Stay home. Wash your hands.