Super Women Series: OSRW10K

‘We’re not going to give you a course map, we’re not going to give you a water stop, we know you can do this, you’re tough.’ The OSRW10K is an unsanctioned 10k for some of New York City’s toughest runners, who just happen to be women. Unsanctioned = no street closures, no security, no water stations.  Runners have to navigate through a sea of cars, people and bikes as they race through the streets of New York.  Every year for the last 5 years, a hand-picked group of top women runners in the City, participate.  To be selected is a badge of honor in itself.  This year 22 women raced. The event is an offshoot of another unsanctioned run through the city called the midnight half marathon. Both events are organized by Orchard Street Runners, one of the city’s elite running groups. One participant said “OSRW10K is antithesis of larger races.  The OSR race is about grit and determination. I almost got hit by a car 4 times during the race and that’s just part of the appeal.” There are no participation medals or podiums for the top finishers, just the raw awesome sense of competition and completion.