Wine Wipes On!

  "So you're really hitting it off with Jamie, enjoying a couple glasses of Cabernet. You excuse yourself to the restroom and are instantly mortified that you look like you've been eating a purple lollipop for 10 hours. You try to rinse out your mouth and scrub your lips, but nothing is making your teeth and lips appear any less stained. If only you had something in your purse that could take care of it . . . As a red-wine-lover, I always keep Borracha's Wine Wipes on me to prevent me from walking out from happy hour or my house with a purple mouth. These individually packaged wipes clear all signs of wine in a sweep, no heavy scrubbing required. An Airbnb host left a stack of them for us in their home, and I seriously don't know how I ever drank wine without them. They're thin and small enough to keep in your wallet or pocket, and they're affordable. A two-pack box (24 wipes) will only you set you back $13. So the next time you have a glass of red, pair it with some Chalosse cheese and a Wine Wipe."   Cheers!