5 Beauty Hacks For Men

So I bet you thought Beauty Hacks were just for women, right? Think again. There are lots of tips and tricks for men out there. Here are our top 5.


#1 Use A Face Scrub You probably hop in the shower and maybe rise your face and that's it, right? Try using an exfoliating face scrub a few times a week. You'll scrub off the dead skin and leave your face glowing.


#2 Moisturize That's right guys, we notice you're skin just as much as you notice ours. If it's soft and smooth or dry and crackly. Do us a favor and don't hold back on the lotion. Especially on your hands, we notice that first!


#3 Get A Pedicure Don't be embarrassed, lots of guys do it. Men need to take care of their feet too. They'll give you a nice scrub, a little massage and some lotion and you'll be on your merry way with great looking feet that won't make us wish you kept your socks on.


#4 Use Conditioner I bet so many of you don't think you need to do a lot to your hair. And you probably don't, but if you love your lady running her hands through your hair, don't you want it to be soft and touchable? Use conditioner! Even steal ours, we won't care once we feel how soft your hair is.


#5 Apply Lip Balm This one is vital. No one enjoys kissing someone with dry lips. Keep lip balm in your pocket and don't be afraid to use it. Your lips with thank you, and so will whoever you're kissing.